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Photography by Bill Lee

Here are some pictures I’ve captured of our 2017 West Seattle Junior Wildcats’ winning season.

I built this website so that you can enjoy the pictures, browsing the pictures by clicking, tapping, or swiping.

  • See “Highlights” to see some of my favorites
  • Show all” to see the whole collection
  • A player’s name will show just those pictures from the collection
  • Select a picture to see it, big. You can peruse the pictures by swiping back and forth

If you’re interested in the 10"×10" picture-book we gave the coaches or prints to hang on your wall, feel free to call or email me.

I would like to know what you think of these and which are your favorites, so please write and let me know … and enjoy!

2017 Junior Wildcats

6310 Shaki Davis, Xavier Phillips
7119 Burien: Wyatt Clough
7131 Burien: Adrian Fielding, Wyatt Clough
7205 Burien: Messiah Alefaio
7210 Burien: Shaki Davis, KC Maxwell
7241 Burien: Steven Bacon
7250 Burien: Messiah Alefaio
7264-E Burien: Coach DJ, Coach Ed, Coach Eric, Coach Sam, team
7297 Burien: Kieran O'Meara
9070 North Creek: Messiah Alefaio
9113 North Creek: KC Maxwell
9573 Cedar Park Christian: Kieran O'Meara, Xavier Phillips
9830 Cedar Park Christian: Cole Fuller, Steven Bacon
9865 Cedar Park Christian: Ben Vongnarith, KC Maxwell
9895 Cedar Park Christian: Ashton Sawade
9945 Cedar Park Christian: KC Maxwell
9970 Cedar Park Christian: Messiah Alefaio
9989 Cedar Park Christian: Messiah Alefaio
0058 Cedar Park Christian: Kieran O'Meara
0125 Cedar Park Christian: Nick Smithgall