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Bantam Wildcats 2016

Here are some pictures I’d captured of our 2016 West Seattle Bantam Wildcats’ perfect championship season.

I’ve built this website so that you can enjoy the pictures, browsing the pictures by clicking, tapping, or swiping.

  • See “Highlights” to see some of my favorites
  • Show all” to see the whole collection
  • A player’s name will show just those pictures from the collection
  • Select a picture to see it, big. You can peruse the pictures by swiping back and forth

I am not a professional photographer but many parents had expressed interest in ordering prints. There is a local place which creates beautiful mounted plexiglas/metallic prints, suitable for hanging. If you are interested in ordering some for your wall, call or email me.

I would like to know what you think of these and which are your favorites, so please write and let me know … and enjoy!

7600 Burien: Steven Bacon
7605 Burien: Shaki Davis
7643 Burien: Justin Eakman, Steven Bacon
7683 Edmonds White: Steven Bacon
7687 Edmonds White: Justin Eakman, Steven Bacon
7745 Edmonds White: Shaki Davis, Kieran O'Meara, Wyatt Clough, Steven Bacon
7767 Edmonds White: Steven Bacon
7773 Eastside Catholic: Steven Bacon
7891 Eastside Catholic: Steven Bacon
7965 Eastside Catholic: Mason Vaughn-Thomas
7971 Eastside Catholic: Steven Bacon
7994 Eastside Catholic: Steven Bacon
7996 Eastside Catholic: Steven Bacon
8043 Edmonds Green: Shaki Davis, Micah Lee, Jaxton Helmstetler
8049 Edmonds Green: Messiah Alefaio, Mason Vaughn-Thomas
8122 Edmonds Green: Jaxton Helmstetler, Cole Kirkland, Casey "KC" Maxwell, Lucas Evans
8134 Edmonds Green: Shaki Davis, Mason Vaughn-Thomas
8146 Edmonds Green: Cole Kirkland, Casey "KC" Maxwell
8153 Edmonds Green: Casey "KC" Maxwell